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Quick and Easy 10 Point Checklist for Your Next Custom Build

One of the best strategies for turning a great profit is land development, however if you’re not careful it can be easy to overcapitalise. What To Look For Land A key factor of a successful development deal is getting a good discount on the land. You can do this by applying the same principles as you do to existing properties; look for good market drivers and make certain that the market calls for such a development. When putting together a deal look for land that is anywhere from ... Continue Reading »

How A Happy Tenant Saves You Money

One of the last things you might have thought about when you first started investing in property is the idea that you’ll be responsible for the happiness of others. Specifically, your tenants. Now obviously you’re not entirely responsible for their happiness - we’re all responsible for our own - but your actions as a landlord will directly impact their lives, for better or worse. Why You Should Care You can expect to enjoy a better retention rate, less collection problems and very ... Continue Reading »

Australians and Money Management... Where Do You Fit?

As Australians we love DIY. Consider the popularity of Channel Nine’s rating star The Block. We love watching the transformation of an ugly building into a beautiful home. But sometimes, especially in the important things such as our financial future, going it alone without any help can actually hinder our progress. And The Survey Shows... What Australians think about their ability to manage money and how they actually manage it are two different things! This was revealed by a survey of 7,500 ... Continue Reading »

4 Money Mistakes Keeping You From Financial Freedom

If you have a surplus of money each week you don’t need to hear this. If you never pay a late fee and know exactly how much cash you have available to purchase something you’ve had your eye on, then I’ve got nothing for you. If, however, you have pulled out the plastic on more than one occasion before your paycheck arrives, we need to chat. If you are on a first name basis with the clerk at your local payday loan company, then have a seat and let’s get down to business. You - ... Continue Reading »