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Profitable Property Investing Strategies for Beginners

Almost always, without exception, beginning property investors need positive cash flow. They also need an increase in values to grow their portfolio. There are many strategies investors can use to create wealth, however the learning curve on some of them can be a bit steep. Rather than jump right into something like subdivision, wet your feet with the following strategies well suited to beginning property investors: Discount Buying property at a discount is a fantastic way for new ... Continue Reading »

Quick and Easy 10 Point Checklist for Buying an Existing Property

As we’ve always said, you don’t have to be a genius to master property investing. All you really need is a bit of tenacity and a comprehensive plan designed to fit your individual needs and goals. To help you along, I’d like to share the following 10-point checklist for buying an existing property. This tool is used by our acquisitions department when we research opportunities for our clients and has proven immensely helpful in finding great buy and hold properties. #1 - Buy a new ... Continue Reading »

Quick and Easy 10 Point Checklist for Your Next Custom Build

One of the best strategies for turning a great profit is land development, however if you’re not careful it can be easy to overcapitalise. What To Look For Land A key factor of a successful development deal is getting a good discount on the land. You can do this by applying the same principles as you do to existing properties; look for good market drivers and make certain that the market calls for such a development. When putting together a deal look for land that is anywhere from ... Continue Reading »

How A Happy Tenant Saves You Money

One of the last things you might have thought about when you first started investing in property is the idea that you’ll be responsible for the happiness of others. Specifically, your tenants. Now obviously you’re not entirely responsible for their happiness - we’re all responsible for our own - but your actions as a landlord will directly impact their lives, for better or worse. Why You Should Care You can expect to enjoy a better retention rate, less collection problems and very ... Continue Reading »