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Simplify Tax Time This Year

Everyone’s busy these days so simplicity is the name of the game. As property investors not only do we have to keep track of our own personal records, we’ve got to pull together information on each of our investment properties too. To simplify your tax time, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know into a Tax-time Bundle. These are only available for one more week. Register for one of our free Property Investor Nights – where you’ll get even more tips on how to increase ... Continue Reading »

How much are you really paying in taxes?

How much tax are you really paying? You might not think much about it, but we pay a LOT of taxes - more than just what our employer takes out of each pay packet. Here’s a list of some taxes that many of us pay: Personal income taxes - percentage of income Partnership or trust profits - taxed on share Capital gains tax - percentage of asset value Corporate taxes - 30% (minus franking credits) Goods and services - 10% Property taxes - based on property value Departure tax - set fee Excise ... Continue Reading »

7 Advertising Tips every Landlord should use

No matter what the market is doing, finding a good tenant is simply a process of elimination. You’re weeding through qualified candidates to find the “best tenant” possible. You’ll find qualified candidates (for the most part) by eliminating non-qualified candidates through targeted advertising. When combined with a good tenant screening process, the following advertising tips can help you find the right tenant for your property: In addition to terms such as “non-smoker” ... Continue Reading »

How to make sure your Development Application is approved

Property developing can be stressful enough without the added complications of a slow or uncooperative council. There are ways, however, you can help both yourself and the council establish a good working relationship and ease the process of getting your development application processed more quickly. Before you contact the town planner, spend some time sifting through the documents the council has provided which outline what they want for the community such as the Development Control ... Continue Reading »