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Profitable Renovations in 3 Simple Steps

One of the best things about buying and then renovating a home is the equity you can gain in a relatively short amount of time. Getting started Begin by asking yourself what you want to achieve. Are you going to flip the house or will this be a buy and hold property? The numbers must work or you’ll be wasting your time. The answer you’ll have for these questions will determine the type of property you’ll buy. For example, if you plan to buy and hold, you’ll want your holding costs ... Continue Reading »

Why a Joint Venture can equal bigger profits and less risk

The longer you invest in real estate the more you’ll realise that while going it alone can be thrilling, it can also be limiting. You’re limited to the knowledge you’ve gained so far as a property investor, and restricted to the knowledge you’ve gained through reading books, attending seminars or speaking to “experts” at the family barbecue. Don’t get me wrong - a solid education in property investing is vital. In most cases, however, its not until you get out into the marketplace ... Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Build Wealth

2015 is right around the corner...what do you want for the New Year? While I can’t make you instantly richer or smarter, I can give you the tools to obtain wealth - and all it will cost you is a little time and effort! Are you doing these 6 things to create wealth? If you want to get wealthier in 2015, follow these six steps – and while it won’t make you richer over night – these strategies are proven to help you on your path. 1. WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER Salaried workers ... Continue Reading »

Squeezed for cash? 5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow

increase your Positive Cash Flow with these 5 tips! Is your property portfolio putting your cash flow in a vice? If you’re squeezed for cash because of your investments – and if you’re investing in property, that’s the worst place to be – its probably because you have a negatively geared portfolio. Sound accurate? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2005, over two-thirds of investors had negatively geared properties. Ouch! ... Continue Reading »