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Squeezed for cash? 5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow

increase your Positive Cash Flow with these 5 tips! Is your property portfolio putting your cash flow in a vice? If you’re squeezed for cash because of your investments – and if you’re investing in property, that’s the worst place to be – its probably because you have a negatively geared portfolio. Sound accurate? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2005, over two-thirds of investors had negatively geared properties. Ouch! ... Continue Reading »

15 Simple and easy ways to save money

Save your salary with these 15 tips! High school sweethearts Matthew and Bianca (and Positive Real Estate clients) don’t earn massive loads of money - in fact, they earn less than $40,000 p.a. each - but they own a property portfolio worth millions. How? They manage their money wisely, taking the long view on their financial future. Rather than focus on what they “want” in the here and now, they set goals based on what they want to achieve in the future. Planning and goal setting ... Continue Reading »

Boost your property sale price over 10% with one simple thing...

Thinking of selling? Home styling offers vendors an edge in the property market, delivering anywhere from 5% to 12.5% in sales price, according to surveys done by the home staging industry and others. So then, as the median house price of the capital cities combined is at about $550,000, you could gain as much as $27,500 or more by styling your home. Another benefit is a quicker sale. According to 88% of LJ Hooker agents surveyed, a styled home draws more bidders to auction and more offers ... Continue Reading »

How to avoid monumental blunders on your next build

Did you know that the Sydney Opera House – finished in 1973 – was $763,214,800 (1,357%) OVER budget and 10 years OVER its deadline? It was such a debacle that the architect, Jorn Utzon, quit the project because of disputes. He never returned to see its completion. The builders of this iconic structure were tasked with many of the same things that smaller builders - such as property investors - must do: Find the right finance Deal with council Obtain the right permits And ... Continue Reading »