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We are the leading real estate investing agency helping Australians and Kiwis build security and wealth through property investing.

CEO Sam Saggers and Founder Jason Whitton are renowned for securing some of the safest and most profitable investment properties in Australia and widely recognised as industry leaders in real estate investing.

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7 Tips To Property Investment Success

1. Sort out your finances before you buy Clear out as much bad debt as possible Find a finance broker who is not only familiar with property investing, but is an active investor himself 2. Educate yourself Take the time to learn about property investing. No matter how long you invest in real estate there is always something new to learn. To do: Read some books Attend property investing and finance seminars Learn: About economics and how to study a market How ... Continue Reading »

Property Investor Road Map

Why do you want to invest in property? “To make money of course,” you might say. Well yes, you will make money investing in real estate; however, I sincerely doubt that “making money” is your end goal. Perhaps you started out with the desire to give your children a better educational opportunity than you had. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of setting up your own business or retiring at a young age to travel the world. Possibly, you simply want to stop punching a time card. Sometimes - ... Continue Reading »

3 Simple Rules To Joint Venture Success

Sometimes it pays to go it alone when investing in property. Sometimes it doesn’t. Knowing what to do if you choose to partner up with others to invest by means of a joint partnership is vital to your success - both in terms of finances and relationships. Personally, I favour investing in property primarily on my own accord; however, there have been occasions where I’ve needed to team up through a joint partnership to achieve success. Why A Joint Venture? Sometimes, investing ... Continue Reading »

What is serviceability?

Serviceability describes the ability of an individual to repay a loan. Factors used to determine serviceability include the loan amount and the person’s income and expenses. Known as the debt service ratio, this figure represents a calculation of the percentage of your monthly income that is apportioned to debt expenses. The maximum acceptable debt service ratio for most lenders is between 30 and 35 per cent. Understanding what serviceability is and, more importantly, how you can have a ... Continue Reading »