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4 Money Mistakes Keeping You From Financial Freedom

If you have a surplus of money each week you don’t need to hear this. If you never pay a late fee and know exactly how much cash you have available to purchase something you’ve had your eye on, then I’ve got nothing for you. If, however, you have pulled out the plastic on more than one occasion before your paycheck arrives, we need to chat. If you are on a first name basis with the clerk at your local payday loan company, then have a seat and let’s get down to business. You - ... Continue Reading »

Don't Count On The Pension... Count On Yourself!

It’s often a topic of conversation around the water cooler at work or perhaps at the pub with our mates: the pension. More specifically, we wonder how in the world anyone is expected to live on such a small sum and we worry that our super won’t be enough to let us live comfortably in our retirement years - even after we make large salary sacrifice contributions. Unfortunately, this is a legitimate concern for many Australians; statistics reveal that the average superannuation balance ... Continue Reading »

Is your rent money really “dead”?

We have so many people come in to an appointment desperate to buy their own home. They want to “stop paying someone else’s mortgage” and get out of the rental pool. This is because they believe their rent money is “dead” money. “Well, isn’t it?” You ask. It depends. If you’re simply renting, then yes, I’m afraid your rent money could be considered “dead”... at least to you. Unfortunately, the truth is your rental payments are paying someone else’s mortgage. ... Continue Reading »

7 Tips To Property Investment Success

1. Sort out your finances before you buy Clear out as much bad debt as possible Find a finance broker who is not only familiar with property investing, but is an active investor himself 2. Educate yourself Take the time to learn about property investing. No matter how long you invest in real estate there is always something new to learn. To do: Read some books Attend property investing and finance seminars Learn: About economics and how to study a market How ... Continue Reading »