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Would Property Investment Advice Regulation Make Consumers Safer?

A hot button issue right now in the property-investing world is that of regulation. More specifically, regulating property investment advice. You might be surprised to learn that property investment advice is not currently regulated. Real property fails to meet the definition of ‘financial product’ under the Corporations Act so property investment advice currently falls in a gray area as far as the law is concerned. The problem, as many in the financial and property industries ... Continue Reading »

What's all the fuss about housing affordability?

Housing affordability is not a simple topic. In fact, it is such a convoluted topic that we need a multi-faceted approach when dealing with the issue. Perhaps this is why the question “why is housing unaffordable” receives a myriad of responses, depending upon whom you ask. What is affordability, anyway? In its simplest terms, housing affordability means the ability to enter the housing market, taking in cost and availability. The impact of housing costs affects low-income individuals ... Continue Reading »

Become a Property Auction Winner

Have you ever attended an auction? It can be a scary experience for first-time homebuyers and investors alike, and it’s not a process we recommend to our clients. Imagine, as you’re waiting for the process to start, everyone is checking out the competition - wondering who will walk away with the property that day. All eyes turn to the auctioneer as he or she steps up and begins. As prices and bids fly through the air at a frenzied pace, the air is alive with emotions as each potential ... Continue Reading »

How To Find The Best Property Market To Invest In

One thing you will quickly learn as a property investor is that although the markets will dictate your profits, you can positively impact those profits by pairing the right strategy with the right market. The key to finding the right market - a market that will boost your profits - is to look for an area primed for growth. The economic health of an area is a strong indicator of the potential for solid capital growth. Where to Look ABS - Check the Australian Bureau of Statistics for ... Continue Reading »