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This FREE short property course which will show you what every investor MUST know before purchasing! The information provided is based on results and real deals from industry renowned property experts who have over 10 years of proven results in the Australian property market. Let them show you how to safely buy property to build your own portfolio.
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Learn more about how to achieve these results from our tried and tested strategies which have already successfully helped thousands of Australians across the nation – Plus meet the team and the current investing clients in person!

You Don’t Have to be a Genius to Master Property Investing

Our free Property Investor Nights are information packed seminars where two professional investors will teach you everything you MUST KNOW to build a profitable portfolio!

Special Offer – Attend a FREE Property Investor Night and receive a GUEST PASS to a Mentoring Workshop! Meet the Coaches and clients and find out exactly what it can do for you!

Our Investor Agency spends countless hours and huge amounts of money on market research each and every year and has a full-time acquisitions team scouring the most profitable deals in hottest markets.

Clients in the Lifetime Mentoring Program have first access to all these deals, which means they are usually sold out before we ever get to release them to the general public.

With our expert acquisitions team sourcing and negotiating deals for well below the market value, our Mentoring clients often make back the cost of joining the Program (and more) in their first deal!

Also, did you know that for every 100 properties we research, only 10 will be offered to our clients! Why? Because we have strict criteria they must meet to ensure they are going to be a profitable investment for our clients. Our Investor Agency team always pre-negotiate the purchase price of the properties and secure terms that favour the investor.

At Positive Real Estate, we recognise the importance of knowing your numbers when considering an investment opportunity. For every property we source, we compile a comprehensive property summary kit that contains data including:

  • Rental Assessments
  • Expenses Occupancy
  • Rates
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Capital Growth Statistics
  • Local Demographics
  • Maps and Pictures

Positive Real Estate have already helped thousands of everyday Aussies safely create enough equity in as little as two years to replace their income and achieve their lifestyle or retirement goals!

Their success stories have been so fantastic that they’ve been featured in magazines including Australian Property Investor and Your Investment Property!

Read just a few of our client’s stories below and then come and meet them in person. You can claim your GUEST PASS to the Mentoring Workshop simply by attending one of our FREE Property Investor Nights – Book you free seat now!

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Why Positive Real Estate is the answer to your investment success:
Positive Real Estate has been delivering free property investing advice for over 10 years and we decided to simply introduce our community of investors to the essential concepts they must know. This formed the basis of our free property investor nights, which prepares you for the more in-depth newsletter content that follows.