Our clients

“what I appreciate most is my Coach’s wonderful support, guidance and knowledge to help me learn how to buy property on my own”

Anita and George Oze

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“We did some ‘homework’ and researched the company. We joined Positive in July 2012 and have never looked back”

Marita and Rex Bishop

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“We did some ‘homework’ and researched the company. We joined Positive in July 2012 and have never looked back”

Phil and Corrine

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“Our Coach is an absolute gem; she has been and always will be great help and our mentor!”

Adam Smith

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Joined: January 2016

“With assistance from Positive I have been able to access my equity, completely eliminate all personal debt (except for my PPR) and purchase a property”

Brad Holland

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Joined: June 2016

“At only 24 and 25 we are very happy with how our purchase has all worked out and can’t wait to keep growing our portfolio, we are now saving again for our next investment”

Rhianna Lombe & Jason Burke

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Joined: May 2015

“Surround yourself with the right people and make the best decisions possible using the best information available at the time!”

Joel Sheldon

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Joined: October 2015

“There is no way in the world we would be where we are today without the help and advice from Priscilla and the Positive team”

Tavish Makin

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Joined: November 2015

“Positive has been the best decision we ever made, it gave us the balls to start an investment portfolio!”

Stacey & Hayden McCaa

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Joined: October 2015

“Honestly, I have to admit and thank the Positive team on my achievement. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with 1 or 2 of my backyard properties instead of capital growth suburbs across the country”

Ashis & Reshmi Sharma

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Joined: October 2015

“To be able to achieve owning 3 investments (almost 4), is somewhere we didn’t think we would be this fast”

Gina Clarke & Joshua Alford

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Joined: July 2014

“We didn’t understand the tax benefits prior to investing but we have thrown ourselves in – we bought 3 properties in 12 months”

David & Kristen Threadgold

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Joined: January 2013

“Get a mentor, get educated on property investing, have a strategy and stick to it”

Sanders Muleya

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Joined: January 2013

“1 on 1 and group mentoring has helped us understand the property market, property cycles, tax, lending and, purchasing, just to name a few”

Kara Mackay & Jennifer Sloane

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Joined: September 2013

“It is very important to join a mentoring/coaching group to fast track your financial goals. I will achieve my goals within next 3 – 5 years!”

Ananda Perera

Joined: May 2012

“We were guided with property selection, but even more importantly, Positive helped us to structure finance properly to maximise our investment capital”

John & Janet Robinson

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Joined: December 2012

“Get a mentor, learn from them. Read and educate yourself. Read rich dad Poor dad.”

Trampas & Melina Carpenter

Joined: June 2010

“It’s hard at the start, but gets much easier especially when you have an expert team like Positive to guide you through the deals”

Matt Savage

Joined: August 2010

“I was property investing for about 10 years before Positive without much focus or method for what I was doing. Positive has definitely made me a lot more focused on my property investing”

Christopher & Kate Lyne

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Joined: June 2009

“The one-on-one mentoring is excellent and targeted very much to individual situations, life stages, tax brackets and level of risk willing to take”

Alicia & Mark Humphry

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